Winners of the 10th Annual Barabara Devetski Scholarship

Maria Ramirez and Jade Clark, winners of the Barbara Devetski Scholarship by The Women's Fund of Houston

Scholarship winners: Noor Qadeer and Athitiya Singhapan

Congratulations to Amy Pierce!

Amy Pierce

Sue Trammell Whitfield Award for Resiliency

Congratulation to Dorothy Gibbons!

Dorothy Gibbons

The John P. McGovern Foundation “Champion in Women’s Health and Wellness” Award Recipient

Katherine McGovern smiling and text with the dates that she lived.

Our Core Values


At The Women’s Fund we embrace resiliency by showing up and being present for each other and our community. Resiliency involves learning to adapt and evolve, rolling with the punches, and modeling our mission.


While it is our goal to make a difference in someone’s life, we understand it can be difficult. The Women’s Fund is impactful because we encourage the women and girls we serve to embrace the uncomfortable and welcome change as they step into new parts of their lives.


As an organization, we create safe spaces to grow and empower ourselves so we can empower others. We understand that knowledge is empowering and every day we can learn and unlearn habits that impact our health and wellness.


The Women’s Fund, a non-profit organization, provides Greater Houston area women and girls with the tools they need to be advocates for their health. The populations we reach generally have limited access to health information and often struggle to maintain their basic health needs. For nearly 40 years, The Women’s Fund has been educating girls and women in the Houston area through classes, workshops, lectures and publications focused on physical, mental, financial, and emotional health and wellness.

In addition to basic health information, our classes emphasize resiliency helping women and girls learn to cope with the kinds of challenging situations that threaten their health and well-being.

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