What We Do

We focus on teaching resiliency skills as they relate to girl’s and women’s health because research shows that resilient individuals are more likely to perceive change and stressful situations as a challenge as well as an opportunity for personal growth, and their behavior reflects a belief in their ability to take greater responsibility and impact their life circumstances. The foundational component of resilience is taking responsibility for one’s life circumstances.

Individuals in our Resiliency Skills & Health classes practice taking greater responsibility by reflecting on the relationship between the choices they make on a daily basis and the consequences of those choices. They also identify the most important values in their lives and set goals and priorities based on these values. Further, they practice thinking about stressful life situations in ways that bring power to them, as opposed to interpreting situations in ways that give their power away and/or leave them feeling defeated. These fundamental resiliency skills are then applied to multiple health issues concerning today’s women.