Adolescent Girls’ Health

Adolescent Girls Outreach Education Program

The Women’s Fund understands good health promotes education and education promotes good health. Healthy students are generally better learners than their peers who lack healthy behaviors. In addition, youth who perform better in school and complete higher education levels are healthier over the course of their adult lives and have greater potential for increased employment and earnings. They engage in fewer risky behaviors, such as smoking and binge drinking, and participate in healthier behaviors, such as exercise, which helps them to live longer.

To this end, The Women’s Fund has created and offers a variety of health education programs throughout the Houston community targeting adolescent girls at risk for poor health conditions from a variety of causes.

Our resources include:

What About Me? (WAM) Health Education Classes >

Power Up the H.E.A.T. (Health Education Anytime) >

Girl + 1 Healthy Living Workshop >

Annual Barbara Devetski Scholarship Essay Contest >