The Women’s Fund serves at risk adolescent girls and underserved women living in Houston and Harris County who have limited or no access to health education information and are at risk for a variety of health issues. Our programming teaches resiliency skills to increase self-efficacy, decision-making, goal setting and communication, as well as resourcefulness, to ensure positive health outcomes for individuals and the community. In 2017, The Women’s Fund reached more than 9,000 girls, women, and their families through its health education programming and Health Fairs in the Houston area.


Our Team

We are a dedicated group of experienced professionals committed to improving the health of girls and women in Houston. Our Board of Trustees, Advisory Board, and Emeritus Board members provide direction and oversight for The Women’s Fund staff. These voluntary, unpaid positions represent and reflect the business, health, education, and community service sectors of the Greater-Houston community.  The Women’s Fund maintains a lean staff of 5.5 highly qualified and trained personnel. We rely on a strong corps of 200+ trained volunteers who assist in program delivery.