What About Me? (WAM) Health Education Classes

Resiliency & Health Curriculum Classes

What About Me? (WAM) Health Education Classes

Adolescent girls in the 4th through 12th grades participate in our WAM classes where they spend 10 weeks learning about health, resiliency, and making tough choices. They develop healthy attitudes and skills in a safe environment that allows them the freedom to share their stories without fear of embarrassment. WAM is a skills-based curriculum where Part I teaches girls the skills needed to be advocates for their health, and Part II allows them to apply the skills learned to make healthy behavior choices.

Our What About Me? and Women’s Health Advocacy Program classes are facilitated by female volunteers due to the sensitive nature of their content.

Why we teach the classes we teach!

What Do You Learn?

Adolescence is a complex time for young women and yet is the most influential time with regard to their long-term health.

Teen pregnancies, unhealthy eating, lack of physical activity and substance abuse, are issues that young women face during their middle school and high school years.

The Women’s Fund’s “What About Me?” health education classes are taught by a trained facilitator, using a supportive peer group model, appropriate health information, and resiliency skill training, to effect long-term health concerns.

The educational materials for the classes are our own “What About Me?” publication and a corresponding “Resiliency & Health” curriculum to address the following issues:

  • Nutrition,
  • Physical activity,
  • Sexual risk behaviors,
  • Drugs, alcohol and tobacco,
  • Injury and violence
  • Decision-making,
  • Goal-setting,
  • Communication and negotiation
  • Stress and coping and;
  • Positive thinking