#GivingTuesdayNow | May 5, 2020

Now more than ever The Women’s Fund needs your support to ensure we continue to provide essential and crucial health education to women and girls in the Houston-area as we deal with a pandemic that has riddled us with uncertainty.

As you know, our programs cover a wide range of health topics and teach resiliency skills that enable our community to establish personal health habits that prevent illness and promote the enjoyment of an enriched life. During the past few weeks, we have been offering our Women’s Virtual Presentations at no cost to those we serve and the general public.

Not only do we need your support, we need your help to spread the word. Tell your friends and family why you believe in our work and encourage them to support us too!

As you are determining how to support The Women's Fund, consider how changes from the recent CARES Act might shape your giving, including:
  • In 2020, individual taxpayers who do not itemize will be eligible to claim up to $300 in charitable contributions as a deduction
  • Cash contribution limits have been raised for gifts to public charities (though not to donor advised funds or supporting organizations):
    • Individual taxpayers are now subject to a limit of 100% of AGI (up from 60%)
    • Corporations are now subject to a limit of 25% of pretax income (up from 10%)
    • Food inventory contributions are now subject to a limit of 25% of pretax income (up from 15%)
    • Excess contributions may be carried over