The Women’s Health Lecture Series

The Women’s Fund has created this new series of 6 free lectures (3 in Fall and 3 in Spring semesters) in partnership with The University of Houston Downtown (UHD).  The lectures are streamed live via UHD. The video is then posted on our website via our YouTube Channel.  In addition to the student population, the lectures are open to the public.  Parking for the public is not included, but is a nominal fee of $8.

We utilize our Speakers Bureau to provide the expert guest lecturer and have had speakers from: Menninger Clinic, Aid to Victims of Domestic Violence, Kelsey Seybold, UT Health as well as private practice therapists.

Topics have included:

  • Violence Against Women
  • Stress and Its Impact on Your Health
  • Health Monitoring/Know Your Numbers
  • Addiction
  • Your Reproductive Health